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Creative Real Estate Management

Creative real estate management system

  • The real estate management system in CREATIVE is characterized by ease and flexibility due to the possibility of performing all the operations related to Real Estate Management in the application through a simplified screen containing all the necessary data and reports when contracting, collecting or issuing payment receipts that the system performs automatically.
    There are all reports that help clarify the data of each tenant in detail with all the information about the unit, property or portfolio that is specified, such as daily collection reports or detailed reports and tenants ‘ receivables. It is also possible to carry out the work of estimated budgets and the evaluation of real estate at the level of portfolios. With the right of continuous follow-up and control by the owners
    On all rental operations that are carried out at the level of real estate units.

The system of user permissions

  • CREATIVE is characterized by the presence of a powerful and effective system that allocates to all users specific or open permissions through the system administrator, and defines for each user the possibilities allowed to him, and the limits of work on the system in terms of addition, modification, deletion or migration …This protects the data and information in the system, and reduces user errors during Operation. It is also possible to obtain detailed reports on the operations performed by users during the operation of the system at any time.