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Creative School Management

Creative educational institution management system

  • An integrated system and a new method of management of modern schools.

  • Creative system is unique with its integrated package of integrated school management solutions in modern ways. Through the practical application of admissions, registration processes, tuition fees, libraries, stores, personnel affairs and the effects of all operations in each application to public accounts.

  • In addition to the distinctive reports that meet all the needs of employees in the
    secretarial, financial and school administration departments.

General Features

  • 1- A set of comprehensive and detailed reports at the level of periods at any time of the fiscal year.
  • 2-Reports dedicated to children, parents, statistical and analytical reports for all the data recorded.
  • 3-Flexibility in the payment and collection system for the parents at once or in instalments.
  • 4-The application supports printing on the documents and publications of the institution and the possibility of designing bonds of arrest and statements of account as required and at the level of children or parents.
  • 5-Allocating the payment system to give special benefits and discounts to the children of workers and brothers of registered children.
  • 6-The possibility of classifying expenses into groups and categories according to the needs of the financial department (tuition fees – down payments – old debts – transportation expenses – book expenses)… Etc.
  • 7-Allocation of tuition fees at the level of the school, stages or classes in case of
    multiple schools within the same educational institution.
  • 8-The possibility of developing special lists for some registrants with special cases to help the administration in making appropriate decisions in terms of acceptance or rejection.
  • 9-Providing complete information in the student’s register that can be consulted at any time of the school year.
  • 10-A special mechanism to follow up the student’s condition and the stages of his registration (registration is in going, registered, suspended, withdrawn).
  • 11-The system of confidentiality and powers provides full or specific use of some
    users by the system manager to provide full protection and control over the information available on the system.
  • 12-The advantage of uploading and adding photos and documents to provide all possible data for the student, parents or employees.
  • 13-The system provides the feature of upgrading students easily and easily for
    users from year to year.
  • 14-The system provides a special advantage to follow up the health status of the
    student to help provide safety and special care.
  • 15-The possibility of allocating the payment system to include payments of sponsors from bodies or ministries.
  • 16-Collection and financial reports provide complete information on student assets and statements of all accounting periods.
  • 17-The system supports e-mails (SMS) to communicate with parents as requested.
  • 18-The possibility of printing graduation certificates according to the required
    forms in addition to the transfer certificates.
  • 19-The system supports Arabic and English and a single screen through which the user performs all the operations on the system

The following are the basic applications included in the system

  • 1-Entrance exams
  • 2-Season stats
  • 3-Re-registering in the New Year
  • 4-New Year’s Season Plan
  • 5-Distribution and promotion of students
  • 6-Test rooms
  • 7-Class statistics and student preparation